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Starting locs is a significant decision, with various methods available. We detail the options and set expectations for the initial phase. For a step-by-step guide, this video offers great insights.

Promoting healthy loc growth involves a holistic approach, focusing on both external hair care practices and internal health. Learn about essential nutrients for hair growth, scalp care routines, and the importance of gentle handling and regular maintenance to encourage strong, vibrant locs in this video.

Frizz and flyaways are manageable with the right techniques. Keep your locs sleek and tidy by following the tips in this video.

Palm rolling and interlocking are two popular methods for maintaining locs. Discover which method might be right for you with this comparison video.

Encouraging healthy loc growth involves good nutrition, proper scalp care, and gentle handling. Boost your loc growth with the guidance provided in this video.

An itchy scalp can be a nuisance but is manageable. Find effective solutions for soothing your scalp and keeping your locs pristine in this video.