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Ashlee Renee

Hey everyone! I’m Ashlee Renee, but most folks just stick with Ashlee. My roots are planted in a military family, which meant growing up in a world of discipline, change, and constant movement. Raised in vibrant, multicultural cities, I grew up surrounded by a rich tapestry of cultures, each with its own unique hair stories. This unparalleled upbringing taught me resilience and adaptability, qualities that have profoundly shaped who I am today.

About three years ago, I began a journey that represented a new kind of freedom for me – starting my locs. What do I love about locs? It’s the freedom and individuality they represent. Each loc tells a story, a journey of patience, growth, and self-discovery. The biggest challenge I faced was the initial stage – dealing with doubts and misconceptions from others about locs. But I learned to embrace my choice, seeing it as a path to embracing my true self, which was both liberating and empowering.